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At the end of a day it all comes back to beer. We have prepared a few glimpses just so you can see what to expect and why you need this in your lifestyle. Keep in consideration that this is just an example. In reality, with us you can get countless types of beer, so much more and you can enjoy for decade.

For all
Green spirit

The best beer for most people and the one that has been claimed to be the most delicious and the most stunning.

Foods: French fries, cheeseburger
3 days
Alcohol: 4.6
Only the best
Classic hero

The beer has been with us for a long period of time and it is classic, special and comes with all the needs.

Foods: French fries, hamburger
Duration: 2 days
Alcohol: 5.6
For those who want more
Classic Dutchman

The most powerful beer in the world and the most desirable.

Foods: French fries, meat
Duration: 1 day
Alcohol: 7.6

#Lakelegend #loveyourbeer

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