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Here you can see additional beers we have prepared for you. You can test them, drink them as long as you like and so much more. There are no limits and you can do anything you like starting today.

Take a look

Here is how long and all what we have prepared for you just so you can be happy


7 pm-3 am


7 pm-3 am


7 pm-3 am


7 pm-3 am


7 pm-3 am


7 pm-3 am

4890 Berkley Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

2299 Maxwell Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06103

Best beers in the world

Take a look at the beer offers and examples we have prepared for you and tell us which one do you like the most.

Our best products
Golden lagoon

One of the most desirable beers you can have at the moment and the one that can make you a happy person.

IBU: 15                            ABV: 20
Hannibal beer

The most appealing beer ever made by humans and the one we all like and want.

IBU: 14                        ABV: 22

Adu Dabi beer

Here we have one rare type of beer that has been with us the least amount of time yet it is stunning as well.

IBU: 15                        ABV: 20

Blue dragon

One of the rarest and the most delicious types of beer of all time. Special in every way.

IBU: 22                             ABV: 20

The hit

One of the most powerful beers in the world. Try it and see why.

IBU: 33                            ABV: 19

Golden circle

Movie inspired beer that is like no other. There are no words we can use to describe it.

IBU: 15                            ABV: 20

Pink elephant

Yes this beer is real and you can find it with our help only.

IBU: 27                             ABV: 25

The desire

It is a new type of beer and the one that is raising in popularity as we speak.

IBU: 22                            ABV: 20

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